About Us

Society of Farmers for Rural Development (SFRD) meet the educational, social, and economic needs of Farmers, Rural Communities and encourage and train them to actively participate in the planning process for development of agricultural-based industries. SFRD nurture the local talent and leadership, preserve local culture and traditions and make them aware of the great potential and significance of information and technology for the rural sector. Besides this SFRD provides the necessary guidance and awareness required for effective utilization of local resources that help the rural people generate their income for their living in a sustainable manner. Its main aim is to unite the rural youth, educate them, and build entrepreneurial skill, to create a clearing house of local solutions for local problems, increase awareness of health and nutrition. It’s also aims at improve the effectiveness of government plans and programs by organizing the community for co-coordinated campaigns.

India is emerging as one of the economic super power of the world in the days to come. This will be the impact of our co-operative action, research and education in the field of industries, trade and commerce. Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry along with Fishery and Poultry plays a primary and prominent role in making the country self sufficient and self reliant in food & nutrition. Taking this in to consideration SFRD has taken the stand to revolutionize the development process by uniting Farmers of India in to a single platform, educate them and to create the opportunity for rural mass, empower them in transforming their living conditions. Hence it is humble request, come forward, take a stand and participate in this noble venture. It is only in rural India we can really flourish, develop and prosper and proudly say we have lived a life worth living with dignity and self-esteem.

For Rural Development