Chairman Message

I am intensely aware that we have a great responsibility to give back to India and help develop our country in the field of agriculture and it’s social and economic development under “Society of Farmers for Rural Development” (SFRD) . As India leads it’s way to progress and success, our Country is still facing challenges and it is our duty and responsibility to help find solution, contribute and help in any way we can, for providing better growth opportunities for Farmers. India has made tremendous advances in the field of Science, Technology, Economics and many other allied sectors but we still have a long way to go in the field of agriculture. It has been 66 years since independence and we still have 24% and above living below a poverty that we are struggling to define. Above 36% lack access to clean drinking water and much higher percentage is deprive of proper sanitation facilities. For a Country where 70 % of the population is dependent on agriculture, which constitutes 24 % of the national income, only 35 % of agricultural land is irrigated. Even if you temporarily ignore our ability to fulfill basic needs, it is hard to keep aside a whole host of quality issues. Our education does not prepare people for employment, infrastructure of all kind continues to be poor, low-cost housing is a mirage and the list goes on.

We certainly believe that for our Country to truly prosper all it’s citizens must have access to equal opportunities and minimum standard of living. We understand that we must work together and pull all our resources to help build a strong, more confident India and that is what we strive to achieve everyday. We are focused on development of the Rural Community with special emphasis on Agricultural, Social and Educational advancement. Let us educate and create opportunity for the poor farmers and other poor section so that they can take care of themselves their families and maintain their livelihood . We will have to build a culture of cooperation, peace and social harmony, generate a higher level of confidence among differently abled and semi-urban youth and have to increase the potential for self-employment. We have to make them entrepreneurs. Charity is not the panacea for India’s problems – these social entrepreneurs are.

If we can do what we hope to accomplish then we will be proud to say that formation of “Society of Farmers for Rural Development” (SFRD) has contributed in a small way towards the development and growth of our country. SFRD will inspire our farming communities to look forward for their future with hope. That is the dream that I and my team members, co-coordinators, donors and volunteers also believes in and we are confident that we continue to work like this. We will certainly bring about a small revolution in emerging India and making it the most prosperous, self-reliant country in the world.

Chairman – CEO
Society of Farmers for Rural Development